The Five Most Soul Sucking Jobs

I have worked all of these jobs except inside sales. I would never do sales because I may as well just cut myself or go play basketball for the Portland Trailblazers.

The most soul sucking jobs in the world are those that make you do naughty things in order to earn a living. Here’s five of them, based on my experience.

1. Bill collector

Why: It’s your job to call old ladies who are on social security who can barely afford groceries and their pills and convince them to cut you a check for a cell phone bill. Either you’re a heartless bastard or you go home at the end of the day feeling emotionally drained.

2. Call center phone jockey

Why: It’s your job to be a meat socket in between the customer and the information or menial tasks that will fix their problem. You think your job is to help the customer, but your job is really to do what your company tells you to do. You’re in constant emotional conflict between doing what’s right for the customer talking in your ear and doing what’s right for the company that pays your wages.

3. Inside salesman

Why: You do whatever it takes to make a sale or you get fired. You make buddies with guys you would never even look at outside your job. You talk it up, you play it nice, you promise the customer anything and it makes you a selfish, materialistic bastard in your life outside work.

4. Factory laborer

Why: You repeat the same action over and over for eight to twelve hours at a time for low pay. You do this all day every day until you are laid off or fired. Your life is a miasma of waking work and sleeping. Your motions and responses are mechanical like your job. You’re depressed because your life lacks color and feeling. You are a cheap replacement for a machine that could do your job better than you could ever hope to.

5. Temp to hire employee

Why: Your job depends on your going the extra mile. While some people get promotions and bonuses for going above and beyond the call of duty, for you it’s a job requirement. There are easily hundreds of people who could do your job and you could be replaced at any time. The only possible reward you might have coming to you is a full time job. You fantasize about the carrot that’s dangled over your head every waking second. Maybe, someday, if you work extra hard your contract will turn into a real job. But probably not. Your employer knows all about dangling the carrot and they know you’ll push yourself just a little harder if they hint that you might be headed for a conversion.

source from: foxmajik


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