ok. here is (hopefully) a nice simple set of instructions for recent converts.

1) open up your prefered command console. I use yakuake (absolutly amazing program, but you can also use konsole or any other equivalent)
2) sign in as the super user by typing in “su” (enter) then entering your root password when prompted.
3) then go to the directory (folder) where the .tar.gz file is located. for example if it is in your home folder type in “cd /home/” and hit enter
4) type in “tar -zxvf ” and hit enter this will extract the files and create a new directory (folder)
5) go into that folder using “cd ”
6) enter in “./configure” into the command line. this will configure the files. (answer any questions asked)
7) when that’s done enter in “make” into the console.
when that’s done enter in “make install”

And you’re all done!!!

If you’d like to move the folder you may, but don’t delete the folder because it comes in useful if you’d like to uninstall the program

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