Cebu Sky Cable Misery

I was channel surfing last night, tuning on the sports channels on SkyCable. ESPN was showing NCCA basketball, Balls Channel, the new sports channel that Sky replaced  Basketball TV was also showing NCCA basketball. Not just any other basketball game, but the SAME game that was shown on ESPN, but a few seconds ahead!

If this is their idea of “offering our subscibers a new better channel lineup and programming for the new year” (or something to this note according to the December billing which also informed that JACK TV, Basketball TV, Solar Sports, ETC, 2nd Avenue, Crime/Suspense will no longer be offered starting January 1), then hats off to SkyCable! They must have invented a time machine that broadcasts games ahead of schedule!

So far, my viewing experience content wise with this new and improved channel lineup is an abhorrent one. Here are my personal basis of comparison.

JACK TV vs. MAXXX – JACK TV shows WWE matches that’s a few weeks late, with the current channel MAXXX, it only shows OLD WWE reruns! For those who knows a little of wrestling history, the matches shown was way back when WWE was known as WWF! Think of these other shows thats not aired in MAXXX, That 70s Show, Everybody Hates Chris, Family Guy, Beat the Geeks, My Name is Earl, etc.

Basketball TV vs. Balls – This is a no-brainer. Basketball TV shows NBA games live EVERYDAY! What does BALLS boast of? NCCA PAC 10 conference games. The channel promo for their basketball games possesses anemic wit. The main message is that before the NBA stars achieved their status, they first played college hoops. SO? Show us these NBA stars who are currently playing, not these college kids who MAY become stars of tomorrow!

Solar Sports vs. Discovery Channel – No basis of comparison here, replacing a sports channel with a documentary channel. Discovery is the only channel that’s been a good addition for me. HOWEVER, Solar shows NFL games, soccer, UFC, boxing among others. I missed the NFL playoffs, and I still don’t know if the Superbowl will be shown on ESPN.

ETC/2nd Avenue vs. Velvet – Before, I used to wait for JEOPARDY in 2nd avenue, I watched Tyra Banks Show just for the fun of watching her trying so hard to be like Oprah. The title of the shows on VELVET doesn’t register in my brain. Not even for my seven seconds, which they say is the amount of time for the brain retains short memory.

There are other shows worth comparing with the old and new channel lineups but I’m tired of typing.

SkyCable monopolized the cable TV service in Metro Cebu for a long time now. They bought out Cebu Cable and Moonsat in Minglanilla. I’m not 100% accurate with this but in areas in Mandaue and Mactan, customers have the option of subscribing to other cable providers. And, the other providers still carry the old channels that Sky has discontinued. So, is the reason than Sky “offered” us this channel is for our viewing pleasure?

If what I heard from a friend is true, you would be mad with Sky also. His version from a reuptable source is that Sky dropped these channels because of MANNY PACQIUAO. The parent company of Sky, ABS-CBN offered a contract to Manny to air his fights. GMA counter-offered with a higher amount. But to come out with the money, GMA needed monetary help. They came to an agreement with SOLAR SPORTS, who has rights to air NBA WWE and NFL games and is the parent company of the discontinued Sky channels to share the amount that they offered to Manny. This made the Lopezes faces turn red as a beet. As a form of retribution, they discontinued these channel. FOR OUR VIEWING PLEASURE!